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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some common questions that parents have about their children:

  • What is my child’s intellectual potential (IQ)?
  • Does my child have a Learning Disability?
  • Does my child have ADD or ADHD?
  • Is my child 'Gifted'? If so, in what areas?
  • Is my child’s ability age-appropriate?
  • Why is my child underachieving in the classroom?
  • How can I help my child with his/her Learning Difficulty and/or ADHD?
  • Is my child eligible for special provisions at school?
  • Is my child ready for school? Can I have my child assessed for school readiness?
  • How can I learn behaviour management strategies?
  • My child’s anger is out of control. How can I get some help for him?
  • My child is so shy – what should I do? I need to build her resilience and social skills so she doesn’t get bullied at school.