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Reasons Parents Have Sought Help

The following is an indicative list of reasons why Parents have sought help. (Note that names are not real).

  • David (7) is finding it hard to keep up at school. This may be due to a learning difficulty or some emotional/social issue.
  • Jacqui (14) has been finding it hard to cope with her parents' separation and is becoming ‘mouthy’ with Mum.
  • Leanne (28) is struggling to care for her 2 year old, Tim. The child is not sleeping well and the whole family is finding it hard to cope.
  • Sophie (16) has lost a lot of weight. She is often withdrawn and won’t join the family at meal time.
  • Ian (48) gets angry when his son Ken (13) fails to submit nearly every assignment the school asks him to complete. Ian suspects that Ken has a learning problem but the feedback from the school is that his son is just lazy.